These Are All For Fritz

TV21 (with Neil at centre forward!)

Fritz van Helsing Memorial Gig – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh – 15th April 2012 (featuring Sam Barber and the Outcasts, TV21, z28s, Opium Kitchen and Fraktured Fingers)

Last night’s show at Bannerman’s isn’t really one for reviewing properly. What matters most is that it was a fitting tribute to one of the Edinburgh scene’s leading lights for many years and that everyone there had a thoroughly good time.

Yet, actually, what I saw more than held its own, regardless of any other associations.

What drew me through of course was the first public appearance by TV21 in almost a year. Despite just one recent rehearsal, they sounded as fresh as ever. Nothing new to report really but I’m always impressed by just how much they enjoy playing. This one was no exception and I do hope that it’s not another year before I see them again.

TV21 played:

1. It’s Me  2. End of a Dream  3. Shattered By It All  4. Girl on the Moon  5. Look To The Sun  6. Something’s Wrong  7. Tomorrow  8. On The Run

Otherwise I’d seen just one other act on the bill (although I did manage to arrive just as Shock and Awe were packing away their gear). Sam Barber and the Outcasts closed the show and before they came on I debated the sensible option of going home for an extra 45 minutes sleep or staying to see them. Clearly I stayed and was blown away by their three originals and a couple of covers. Even if they didn’t play ‘Escape Velocity’. This performance, at least, made the records sound tame, with no piano in sight – great stuff.

Sam Barber and the Outcasts

I’d also seen at least 3 members of Opium Kitchen perform before, albeit separately.  Fronted by Rab King of the Scars with support from Russell Burns and Jo Callis, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but their four set was very impressive. King sang most of the songs in a throaty bluesy voice and there was a bluesy feel to the first couple of numbers at least. The set concluded with lengthy stretched out number about the mayor of, somewhere in France at least! Would definitely like to see them play again.

Leading into TV21 were the Z28s who played a short set of turbo charged rock and roll. From starting to an almost empty room, they ended up with a good few on the dancefloor.

The first act I saw were Fraktured Fingers – an amalgam of (I think) Frak and Nicotine Fingers. Appropriately enough the first song that I heard all night was written by Fritz and it kicked off a hugely enjoyable half hour or so of punky/new wave pop.

Their set concluded with a version of this number:

Much of the show was recorded and a DVD should appear later in the year.



  1. murray says:

    highlight of the night (even above the world famous shock and awe and their multitude of guests) was the ettes first gig in ….. forever !
    followed up by another run through of their set at henrys cellar bar, great stuff

  2. Gosh really enjoyed it yet missed the two apparent highlights!

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