Mutual Weirdness – Juxtagon E.P. review

OK, let’s return to Dundee for something else from the inbox.

Juxtagon is the solo project of Graeme from Hookers for Jesus and “29 Days – Swan Vers.” is a 6 track ep which Graeme describes as “a sketchbook of memories, people, books, tv shows, two finger salutes and postcards”.

All instrumental, the EP mixes electronics and guitars to varying degrees. What they all have in common is hooks, which be played on any of the instruments used although more often than not on guitars such as on ‘Mutal Weirdness’.

The hooks though mean that E.P. is more direct than you might expect – ‘Damn Fine Cupcakes’ may be short but it still has several different passages

‘Asunderland’ meanwhile is swept in on a gentle rush of acoustic guitars whereas ‘Promised Me Dots’ utilises electric guitars within a similar template to noisier effect..

If you’re looking for a  comparison then I would suggest Will Sergeant’s Glide project – “29 Days – Swan Vers.” certainly seems drawn from similar DNA. All in all it’s a pleasant wee surprise.

Listen to the EP below – get it from the Juxtagon Bandcamp.