Taps Aff – Cancel The Astronauts live

Cancel The Astronauts – Woodside Inn, 21st April 2012

How many bands can go from supporting Graham Coxon to supporting their drummer’s dad’s covers band in the space of 5 days? Not many, I guess, but that’s exactly what Cancel The Astronauts did.

However I do relish these more informal shows and last night’s at the Woodside Inn in Glenrothes (their third in the last 10 months) was every bit as enjoyable as  the previous two were.

Setting aside a couple of early technical glitches (which led to a largely instrumental ‘Animal Love Magic’) this was an enjoyable set. It was most notable for the first chance I’ve had to hear ‘Promises of Strangers’  live with the full band (complete with slinky bass) but was otherwise on familiar ground.

Having said that, there was actually nothing from the first EP so the set list seems to have shifted decisively in favour of material from the debut LP – probably 7 out of the 10 songs played.

‘Echoes of Love’ isn’t going to be on it but nevertheless seems to have assumed the role of lead out man for the big sprint finale – something that belies it’s B-side status but which it is more than suited for.

An exuberant ‘Intervention’ was given the “single treatment” with Matt now singing the intro from the recorded version with the aid of a slightly treated additional vocal mic. 😉

‘While I Was Sleeping’ now seems locked down as the set closer, effortlessly replacing traditional finale ‘Let’s Go Expo’. Driven by Chris’s martial drumming, I think it’s my new, favourite Cancel The Astronauts song.

Here’s a song from last night:


1. Animal Love Match  2. Funny for a Girl  3. She Said She Loves Somebody Else  4. Promises of Strangers  5. Love Backwards  6. Seven Vices  7. Making Dynamite  8. Echoes of Love  9. Intervention  10. While I Was Sleeping

‘Echoes of Love’ is included on the rather fabulous new CTA single/EP – buy it here or from the likes of Avalanche Records in Edinburgh.