Last Sunday’s Fritz van Helsing Memorial Gig reintroduced me to Sam Barber and the Outcasts.

I initially saw Sam playing with TV21 about 18 months ago and having thoroughly enjoyed his set got a hold of and loved his ‘Valley of Silence I’ EP. Unfortunately the follow-up from last year, ‘Valley of Silence II’ was a wee bit of a disappointment although listening to it again now I’m getting the impression that I didn’t listen to it properly first time around. So maybe scrub that comment.

Anyhow, reminded of his existence by his exhilarating 15 minute set last week, I discovered that Sam has just issued a free single ‘Neptune’ ahead of the release of ‘Valley of Silence III’. And unlike too many other people, Sam’s gone and put a proper  B-side with the single (albeit I think it’s also on the EP).

‘Neptune’ is in a similar vein to the tracks from the first two Valley of Silence EPs – it’s a four minute pop tune recorded in an accessible way to emphasise the melodies. ‘Hypergiant’ meanwhile is a very jaunty tune with violin adding to the general festivities.

Want to check it out? Then point your browser in this direction.

The video for the single:

‘Valley of Silence III: The Age of Starlight’ is released next month. More info.