More Bad Books

Current MPT faves the Bad Books have announced another Edinburgh date – AND it’s a show being promoted by another blogger.

Stu Lewis from Tidal Wave of Indifference has tempted TBB to play his third TWOI show at the Wee Red Bar on 23rd June. I’ve been hugely impressed by the two Bad Books shows (one, two) I’ve seen so far so needless to say I’m really looking forward to seeing them again. (Did you miss the MPT Bad Books interview?)

Also on an intriguing bill are Loch Awe (of whom I currently know nothing), The New Fabian Society and Spook School.

Saw TNFS a couple of weeks back at the Balcony in Dundee and I’m hoping to see more than potential when they’re playing with a decent PA. What I’ve heard of the Spook School meanwhile suggests something of a jangly pop band but I’m relieved to say that I’ve finally stopped confusing them with the Young Spooks.

I was disappointed not to get to Stu’s February show featuring PAWS and Edinburgh School for the Deaf due to an unfortunate clash with the HDBA/ Bill Wells and Moffat show, so I’m making this one a high priority.

Think there’s still early bird tickets for the bargain price of £4 going here – what are you waiting for?

(Bad Books photo (c) Manic Pop Thrills)