What is it with cassettes just now? For a deceased format, it seems to have a fair bit of life in it as evidenced by the fact that the much touted PAWS first release for Fatcat Records comes on download and … cassette.

Anyhow after some limited releases on indie Scotish labels, PAWS debut release for FatCat is the 5 track ‘Misled Youth’ EP. Not having seen them live I was expecting some a bit grungier (maybe a bit more United Fruit). In actuality PAWS sound much more like early Idlewild without the screaming, with some Pavement thrown in and on the likes of ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ maybe even a little C86-ish. Although twee’s not on the agenda.

A very promising release you can get it here in either limited edition cassette or download. It’s OK, I’ve not taken one of the cassettes …

Here’s the video for the title track: