Gerry Loves Records have been on the radar for a wee while now. But although I’ve met both Paddy and Andy, who run the label, it’s only now that I’ve actually managed to hear one of their releases.

The Edinburgh based label specialise in hand crafted limited edition split singles on vinyl and/or cassette and their latest release pairs two artists of great interest to MPT – Rick Redbeard and Adam Stafford.

This particular release comes as a 7” vinyl single with download codes for the two tracks – but as a bonus there’s one additional song from each artist available to download.

First up, Rick Redbeard who of course in another guise is of course the singer with the Phantom Band . Although he’s performed live sporadically under this name for as long as I’ve been aware of the Phantom Band, the two tracks on this release ‘Now We’re Dancing’ and ‘All of My Love’ are his first official solo releases.

The two songs aren’t that far removed from the quieter end of the Phantoms but, without his bandmates, the recordings are more fragile and prettier than even the likes of ‘Island’. Lovely.

If Rick delivers the thoughtful tunes on the record then Adam Stafford’s contributions are more upbeat. ‘Vanishing Tanks’ is great pop song which features his trademark vocal loops and human beatbox, guitars and, crucially, a great hook.

‘Russian Glass’ meanwhile is ushered in on a fuzzed up guitar and is a slightly darker sounding tune. Kind of.

It’s a cracking single and to be honest I’d be recommending  this to you if it were two separate singles by both artist. If you want to hear the tracks then listen to this:

Released on 25th June, you can pre-order the vinyl here.

To promote the record Adam and Rick are playing the following joint dates this weekend.

21st June – Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
22nd June – Captain’s Rest, Glasgow
23rd June – Cellar 35, Aberdeen

Declaration of interest – the review has been made on the basis of an advance e-copy of the single. Which I have now pre-ordered.