The debut LP from Birdhead looks fairly imminent and as advance notice of that the band have released a new single, ‘Tourist’.

‘Tourist’ was of course the lead track on their limited edition ‘Talons’ EP last year and its backed by another track from the EP ‘Dronebone’. But it’s not just a re-release as the EP also features 3 remixes of ‘Tourist’.

I’m not going to dwell for long on this as I’ve written about the two songs before. Suffice to say that both ‘Tourist’ and ‘Dronebone’ are excellent and well deserving of a wider release.

‘Tourist’ mashes a cheery synth riff with some ferocious guitars and even more ferocious singing whilst ‘Dronebone’ is heavier and dirtier.

The remixes meanwhile deconstruct the lead track in three different ways.

The Monosapiens version gives prominence to the bass, loses a lot of the lead guitars, and pushes the synth riff back into the mix before going all metallic for the last 30 seconds or so. It’s rather good.

The Tiny Casino remix is a more shuddering electronic mix of the song whilst the final Audiosyncracy mix is more ambient, complete with Ali sample and some surprising strings.

More info on the single, which is available as a download through Gamma Proforma Records here.

And here’s the band’s first video:

I think the band are playing Pivo Pivo in Glasgow tomorrow (Sunday 24th) but I’ve seen it advertised for tonight. So check before you go!