A Whole World Below Us – The Won Over single

Been meaning to do this at least since my train journeys to and from Leeds. But inexplicably the tracks weren’t on the iPod on that journey and it’s been helter skelter ever since.

Anyhow, I can finally advise you of the existence of the Won Over who have a 2 track demo/single available on their Bandcamp.

My first listens suggested a healthy dose of Frightened Rabbit and to be fair, if you like Frabbit, then you’ll probably like this. But further listens actually suggest that the singer sounds more like James Graham rather than Scott Hutchison. More importantly than splitting hairs over vocal styles, the two tracks ‘Chances’ and ‘Know the Night’ owe more to Americana than the brand of Celtic rock that Frabbit seem inexorably drawn to.

‘Chances’ is an anthemic number pitched somewhere between Frightened Rabbit and The Hold Steady. ‘Know The Night’ starts a little like a downbeat Twilight Sad tune but is lifted defiantly by its guitar.

The Won Over defintely sound like they’ll be worth keeping an eye on in future. Listen to the two tracks here:

The Won Over make their live debut at Two Winners’ third show at Drouthy’s in Dundee on Wednesday 11th July. Headlining the show will be White Heath with support from Andrew Mitchell of the Hazey Janes and the Barents Sea. [More info]