This has got to be a mistake – a new dEUS LP less than a year after the last? Nope, it seems to be a new record.

So is ‘Following Sea’ a record of out-takes? Or a side step from the mainstream in the same way that ‘My Sister Is My Clock’ was?

No to those too – ‘Following Sea’, seems to be, no,  is a proper dEUS LP – in just 8 months – which is quite an achievement for the band that once took 6 years between releases.

Last year’s ‘Keep Me Close’ was something of a return to form after the disappointing ‘Vanishing Point’ and I’m pleased to report that ‘Following Sea’, despite its short gestation, maintains the upswing.

It’s a strong, consistent LP although it perhaps lacks the stand-outs that the last record had. But it does maintain a couple of strong dEUS traditions – closing track ‘One Thing About Waves’  lives up to the remarkably high standard of dEUS LP closers and may be the best thing on offer here whilst, on a less positive note, ‘Crazy About You’ (ironically) delivers the almost compulsory slightly annoying track that many dEUS records seem to have built into their DNA.

Single ‘Quatre Mains’ is unusual in that it’s sung entirely in French, the first such song for a very long time, whilst the fractured, jagged funk of ‘Girls Keep Drinking’ seems an obvious choice for a second single.

So whilst ‘Following Sea’ certainly isn’t the most radical dEUS record of recent years it’s certainly more than good enough to keep up the interest.

Here’s the video for the single:

and an audio chance to hear the same song