The final visit to the Queen’s Hall will be the rather special FOUND/Aidan Moffat show on 15th August.

The headline act is a live performance of the #UNRAVEL material featuring AIdan and the robotic #UNRAVEL band. In keeping with the exhibit, the gig will be influenced by the audience and their mobiles.

But that’s just the topping on what promises to be a terrific night. Both Ziggy and Kev will be performing solo sets at the start of the show under their ‘Lomond Campbell’ and ‘River of Slime’ aliases, before SAY Award winners Aidan and Bill Wells perform a set of their own.

There will then be a FOUND set with new material promised (no guitars according to Ziggy last week) before #UNRAVEL rounds off the evening.

To whet your appetite for the show (more info and tickets here) here’s the animated trailer for #UNRAVEL: