What was originally going to be catching just one performance at the Fringe yesterday had grown arms and legs by the end of the day including MPK2 being recruited as a magician’s assistant. But let’s rewind first.

First stop of the day was Horrible Histories at the Pleasance Grand. MPK1 was probably too teenage to have fully enjoyed this but MPK2 certainly did with his parents also quite entertained. Surprisingly satirical and even just a little subversive.

The mid afternoon slot was filled by the Oxford Imps at the Gilded Balloon. Improv by its nature is a bit hit and miss and this show lived up to that tagging. Having said that there were plenty of gems scattered throughout and part of the fun of these shows is watching the performers struggle to keep things going. MPKs were both very impressed.

Our day had been extended by the discovery of the bill at the BBC at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe tent, featuring not just one but two MPT favourites.

What? Another cycling world record? – CTA can’t help but watch the telly

So sadly we didn’t go to the Princes Street Gardens to see Sam Barber but instead took in Cancel The Astronauts in the BBC’s big pink tent. It wasn’t the best show I’ve seen them do but it was still pretty damn fine. The set was along usual  lines with (presumably) the majority of the album now being aired.

The finale of ‘Promises of Strangers’, ‘Intervention’ and ‘While I Was Sleeping’ was absolutely great.

Cancel The Astronauts played:

1. Animal Love Match  2. Funny for a Girl  3. She Said She Loves Somebody Else  4. Love Backwards  5. Seven Vices  6. Making Dynamite  7. Promises of Strangers  8. Intervention  9. While I Was Sleeping

Laurent Piron turned out not be a musician but a magician and he immediately made his mark on the MPT family by “picking on” MPK2 who was still engrossed in his Nintendo. Within short order he was the magician’s apprentice and frankly quite enjoyed it.

The Magic Move

Neil from Cancel the Astronauts volunteered a fiver for a trick which I promptly managed to lose, yet inevitably it all turned out ok in the end. An entertaining diversion.

Shortly afterwards the BBC TVs which had been broadcasting the Olympics throughout all this switched to covering the Murray-Djokovic match and rather inexplicably the start of the Kid Canaveral set was delayed as the second set headed towards a conclusion. Inexplicable because anyone wanting to watch the match could have used the giant TV screen outside the tent if they had wanted to. I guess that Kid C would have been just too much competition for the tennis!

There was one benefit of the delay in that the band  were able to turn the roar generated by the conclusion into a stage welcome thereby setting the tone for an exuberant set.

The stelist was split equally between the new stuff and the hits and the former sounded very promising indeed, particularly ‘Low Winter Sun’ and ‘The Wrench’, the one new tune that I’d heard before.

The older ones? Well, they sounded as fresh as ever. Again probably not the best show I’ve seen Kid C play but still a joyous experience.

Kid Canaveral played:

1. Good Morning  2. Who Would Want To Be Loved?  3. Without A Backing Track  4. Her Hair Hangs Down  5. Breaking Up Is The New Getting Married  6. The Wrench  7. Left and Right  8. Low Winter Sun  9. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night  10. And Another Thing!!

Have sorted out some of the photos from the BBC Pink Tent here – may add more at some stage. The band shots are amongst the best I’ve taken.

No pics at the BBC yet of CTA  or Kid C (or Laurent/MPK2) but some of the perfomers have been photographed drinking here!

Horrible Histories is on every day during the Fringe (except 13 and 20) at 12 noon and 2 p.m. at the Pleasance Grand. Similarly the Oxford Imps perform their show at 3.15 pm each day at the Gilded Balloon.

Laurent Piron performs his show ‘Unusual Days‘ at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall between 13-18 August at 8:10 p.m.

Cancel The Astronauts launch their debut LP ‘Animal Love Match’ at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on Saturday 15th September whilst Kid Canaveral will unveil more new songs at the Electric Circus in Edinburgh on Saturday 25th August.