Remember proper singles?  7″ bits of plastic that go round and round with one song on one side and another on the flip?

Man Without Machines clearly do as they’re about to release their debut single ‘Something’s Happening Here’ in exactly that format. With a genuine B-side that’s not going to be on the album. Result.

As well as promoting a ‘not exactly extinct but quite close’ art form, ‘Something’s Happening Here’ is actually rather good. A snappy wee electro pop number with added guitars, it’s the sort of tune that makes you want to get your dancing shoes on.

As does B-side ‘Six Months In A Leaky Boat’ a cover of a Split Enz single from, oh, way back, which features more of a falsetto vocal than the A-side.

And if you’re worried that electro pop = camp then I can assure you that that’s not the case here.

Man Without Machines launch the single on Saturday (11th) with a show at Duke’s Corner in Dundee. Support comes from the Won Over.

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