“It was a bad idea to do this in Scotland” – a theme that Aidan Moffat returned to a couple of times last night during #UNRAVEL live. I think he was joking but then it was a bit of a rammy at times. But an entertaining rammy.

Live #UNRAVEL was both more and less than the exhibit. More in the sense that the music was far meatier, transformed from often ambient, esoteric backing into proper songs, with the 2 minute limit on each track no longer a constraint. Less in that the factors which influenced the songs were reduced to just confidence and insecurity. And the choice of which version  was played also seemed a little throwaway despite the multitude of tweets sent with Aidan glancing over his shoulder at the screen before picking his lyrics.

None of which mattered much at all – but the tweet torrent, a lot of which were genuinely very funny, did have the unintended consequence of deflecting attention from the musicians during the performance, at least until the display was disabled during the actual songs.

So the show probably didn’t quite turn out the way that had been hoped – but it was still a hugely entertaining experience.

Wells and Moffat

If #UNRAVEL was the centrepiece of the show, there  was plenty else on offer on the bill.

Given the sense of occasion that #UNRAVEL generated it seemed an odd choice for FOUND to play a short set after #UNRAVEL was finished. By the time, they re-took the stage at about ten past 11, the crowd had thinned substantially. Which was a pity because they were razor sharp and even debuted a couple of new tunes. The first was an isntrumental pitched somewhere between River of Slime and Fuck Buttons whilst the second centred round a simple descending baseline and some very Tuebway Army-esque keyboards.

All very promising whilst the three ‘hits’ from ‘factorycraft’ were excellent too and got some of the crowd dancing.

Wells and Moffat’s short set  meanwhile was as beguiling as ever, all familiar material certainly but quite lovely.

River of Slime (Kev from FOUND) produced a far less fractured set than the first time I saw him, with the admittedly still short songs sounding more than a little danceable. It’s a pity that the audience noise grew steadily louder towards the end of the set.

The show had been open by Ziggy in his Lomond Campbell guise, first acting as an MC to introduce proceedings before delivering a short 3 song set of tunes.

So a pretty unique show and well worth the late night.

#UNRAVEL preview from April with FOUND and Aidan.