I’m Going To Catch Fire – Kid Canaveral and the Bad Books live

Could there be a better double bill in the capital at the moment than the triumphant return of Kid Canaveral and the Bad Books? I don’t think so, so last night’s Electric Circus show was unmissable.

This was the Canaverals’ first Auld Reekie show in months, surely the longest time that Edinburgh fans have had to wait for a Kid C gig, probably ever.

There was therefore an air of expectancy about a packed Electric Circus particularly since this show was billed as a preview show for the new LP.

As a result, the setlist was split almost equally between old and new. Sometimes with new material it’s not the first hearing that counts but the second. Despite the fact that I can’t  hum any of the new tunes yet, those featured at the preview of the preview show were all instantly familiar and if anything sounded stronger than on first hearing.

The new tunes dominated the first two thirds of the set and were all pretty much received rapturously. ‘Low Winter Sun’ was perhaps the pick of the new ones again last night but a fairly raucous opener ‘Breaking Up Is The New Getting Married’ ran it close.

The set was brought to a conclusion with the hits, all of which sounded as fresh as ever. The reception at the end of the show meant that even the famously encore hating Canaverals had to return to the stage for a storming ‘Smash Hits’. The whole performance was an absolute joy.

Which was perhaps just as well given that they’d asked the Bad Books to support them. You truly need to be on your game if you’re going to follow the Bad Books.

And that was definitely true last night as their 8 songs set was probably the best of the five I’ve seen. If anything, they seem to be getting harder every time they play with the refrain of  “The more you speak, the more I think that I don’t like you / The more the smile I think that I do” on ‘Everyone’s Going To Be OK Except for You’ particularly venomous.

There’s been a little bit of re-sculpting of the tunes too, unless I’m much mistaken, an extended outro to ‘Summer of Lunches’ and some Grandaddy keyboard splashed liberally throughout the set.

The rocky ones have never sounded rockier yet the quieter ones such as ‘A Rough Wooing’ with its sinewy bass more than held their own.

They seem to be getting better and better – would someone please give them some cash to record these tunes?

Kid Canaveral played:

1. Breaking Up Is The New Getting Married  2. Good Morning  3. Who Would Want To Be Loved?  4. Without  A Backing Track  5. The Wrench  6. Her Hair Hangs Down  7. What We Don’t Talk About  8. Who’s Looking at You, Anyway?  9. Left and Right  10. Low Winter Sun  11. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night  12. Couldn’t Dance  13. And Another Thing!!

14. Smash Hits

The Bad Books played:

1. Fractures  2. Summer of Lunches  3. Seedlings  4. Everyone’s Going to Be OK (Except for You)  5. A Rough Wooing 6. Year of the Cat  7. BOP  8. Victory Lap

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