Two more bands for A Brighter Beat in November.

First up, an act who are hardly going to come as a surprise and possibly my favourite live act of the year – the Bad Books from Edinburgh.

They’ve no records out yet, which means that the only place to see them is live. And you should, because they’re awesome. Here’s the most recent MPT Bad Books interview.

Next and possibly the only act on the bill who I’ve not stalked in the last 5 years – Sam Barber and the Outcasts. Sam’s ‘Valley Of Silence’ trilogy has been a big favourite around the MPT Mansion this year due to his winning melodies, described on these very pages as more than enough to fill a barren universe.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Sam again – and you should too!

Again, here’s a recent interview with Sam from these pages last month.

The final two bands will be announced very soon.

The show will take place in Cupar on Sunday 11th November between 2pm and 9 pm. It’s an all ages show to raise funds in aid of Kingdom Kids.

Mor details soon.