We’re Going Under – Edinburgh School for the Deaf / Electric Sugar Children / Vladimir / Hookers for Jesus / The Paranoid Style live

Edinburgh School for the Deaf / Vladimir / The Electric Sugar Children / Hookers for Jesus / The Paranoid Style – Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Friday 7th September 2012

The third Cool Cat Club night hosted a rather old fashioned concept – the package tour. Popular in the 60s and 70s the notion of a group of bands touring the country en masse seems to have largely fallen by the wayside, but after managing to close Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh the previous night, the entourage reached Dundee last night – with added Hookers.

Another gig, another Edinburgh School for the Deaf line-up with Ashley returning from her ‘career break’. Aggie remains though on front-line vocal duties which gives the whole thing a slightly different spin.

Being the twisted people they are 😉 having been playing tracks from the new EP for months now, now that it’s been released, they didn’t play any of the ‘new’ songs from the EP – other than a version of ‘Love Is Terminal’ based on the EP remix.

There were however three completely new songs (to me at any rate) played back to back midway through the set. They seem to be at the gentler end of the ESFTD spectrum with chiming rather than squally guitars.

After early technical difficulties, the set took a wee while to get going but ‘Love Is Terminal’ was explosive, even in its quieter incarnation, whilst there’s few set-closers by any band better than ‘Christmas Song’ aka the long ‘Of Scottish Blood And Sympathies’.

Vladimir also played a clutch of new songs. And whilst there’s more space in these tunes that was offset by the fact that Ross played guitar on other sections of these tunes making the sound even more dense, if that’s at all possible. I’ve not listened to the Vlad recordings too much recently but last night suggested that’s a wrong I should be putting right. Still awesome.

Last night was my first exposure to the Electric Sugar Children and I was impressed. There were a couple of tunes which didn’t quite do it for me but I thoroughly enjoyed the remainder of the set. I’ve not heard the LP yet but I’m now looking forward to it a great deal.

Hookers for Jesus started off with a little bit of theatre with both Andy and Graeme wearing masks. I’d have to say though that Andy’s would definitely have looked better on Catwoman! Otherwise the set was on similar ground to their last outing at BGL, showcasing the heavier side of their material. But there’s a pop tune in there too in the shape of ‘Promised Me Dots’. Is it just me or are they sounding more and more like the Candy Store Prophets as they go along?

The evening had been opened by the Paranoid Style, who were a far lighter proposition than the Sabbath connotations conjured up by the name. They only played four songs, indeed looked more than a little uncertain after the fourth song as to whether they were finished or not but, sadly, they were. Bright and energetic, I bought their EP but am disappointed to see that the stand-out track last night ‘Target’ isn’t on it. Will definitely be keeping an eye open for their debut “The Paranoid Style in American Pub Rock”.

Interviews with the Electric Sugar Children, the Paranoid Style and Hookers for Jesus.

Bigger versions of the photos here with more to follow


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    Catwoman? I was thinking more Enid in Ghostworld. And we do like to accentuate the negative.

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