Nostalgia Is What It Used To Be – Dirty Harry live

Dirty Harry – Beat Generator Live, Dundee – 28th September 2012

I’ve never seen the point of tribute bands before always thinking that if you want to relive past glories of a band that’s no longer around there’s always the records.

But it would be fair to acknowledge that there’s not that much of my past interests that would ever merit such a tribute. (Which kind of inspired this.) And some bands like the Bunnymen are effectively their own tribute act these days.

Given their recent demise, I guess that R.E.M. would be the obvious candidates. But because I’ve seen them a number of times over the years I feel that memories would be too fresh to enjoy a tribute band.

Last night though I paid to see a tribute band, Dirty Harry, for the first time and I’ve got to admit  that it was an enjoyable experience. The fact that I liked rather than adored the act being paid tribute to, Blondie, was probably helpful. As opposed to Mrs MPT who can apparently count ‘Parallel Lines’ as almost her first LP purchase.

It’s a good way of finding out my favourite Blondie songs and these would appear to be an awesome opening ‘Call Me’, ‘Dreaming’, ‘Union City Blues’, ‘Atomic’, ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ and encores of ‘Heart of Glass’ and ‘Denise’.

The key to tribute acts has to be the singer and Sarah Kennedy delivers a credible Debbie Harry whilst behind her the four musicians ensure that the backing sounds like Blondie too.

I never ever thought I was watching Blondie (even if Sarah stayed in character throughout) but that’s not the point and disbelief was suspended more than enough to thoroughly enjoy the evening.

Dirty Harry set out to put on a show that Blondie would give a nod to. They definitely succeed.