After being so dilatory at getting hold of the last Withered Hand EP, there were no delays in getting hold of the new record ‘Inbetweens’, released this week as a 4 track 10” single.

If ‘Heart, Heart’ was a largely raucous record, ‘Inbetweens’ is a much more restrained affair marking a return to the more measured approach epitomised by the ‘Good News’ LP. But whilst the volume’s been turned down a little, the quality hasn’t been diluted at all on this lovely record.

The title track is a gorgeous, yearning ballad which highlights the strengths Dan Willson’s songwriting whilst next up a cover of Enfant Bastard’s ’Walls’ is country-tinged mixing melodies with the occasional swear word.

On the flip side ‘Oldsmobile Car’ has been revamped in a more acoustic stylee without the effects of the ‘You’re Not Alone’ version but with a nice drone effect instead. Closing track ‘Wonderful Lie’ is a return to the stately majesty of the opening track with a piano picking out some of the melodies.

On the back of ‘Heart, Heart’, ‘Inbetweens’ means it’s been a fairly productive year for Withered Hand and the news that Dan has a lot of unrecorded songs surely gives us hope that we may see a new Withered Hand LP before too much time has passed.

In the meanwhile ‘Inbetweens’ is enough to keep us going. And here’s the video for the lead track:

The EP is available online or from all good record shops.