I confess that I keep getting the latest Raveonettes LP and expecting it to be the one where I decide enough is enough. Certainly the days of rushing out to buy the new CD have gone, but when the albums appear on eMusic, they’re still snapped up pretty quickly.

The big problem with the Raveonettes is that pushing the envelope has never been their strongest point. It’s fair to say that you know almost exactly what you’re going to get with a Raveonettes LP but for me their saving grace is that no matter how predictable they have become, they still make the sort of noise that I can’t help liking.

‘Observator’, is their sixth full length set, and it’s at least the third LP that I’ve had limited expectations of. And for the first three tracks, it seems like that gloomy prediction has finally come true. It’s a gentler take on their sound and there’s nothing wrong with the tunes at all yet I don’t get any spark.

But just when you start to think that their songwriting may have deserted them for good along comes ‘The Enemy’, an absolute gem and the quietest song on the album so far.

That’s quickly followed by the exhilarating ‘Sinking With The Sun’ which is a typical Raveonettes pop tune and just as good, pitching the band somewhere close to Lush.

The bulk of the remainder of the tunes are the type of up tempo songs that the Raveonettes specialise in with ‘Downtown’ and closer ‘Till The End’ particularly good.

It’s enough to keep the interest going. In a few weeks I’m sure I’ll reckon that only ‘The Enemy’ and ‘Sinking With the Sun’ are the keepers on the record but the rest is diverting enough. And they’ll ensure that I approach the next Raveonettes LP with the same mix of trepidation and anticipation. But I will approach it.

The Raveonettes are currently touring in the States. They return to Europe later in the month and tour the UK in November. There’s a Glasgow date at Oran Mor on 30th November. (Tickets)