Have Fat Cat got some form of Scottish quota to maintain? The signing of PAWS seems to suggest so. If losing Frightened Rabbit was a blow (since they were easily the band with the greatest commercial potential from the original Twilight Sad/WWPJ/Frabbit trilogy of signings) then they must be hoping that PAWS will fill that gap. Because if they play their hand right PAWS could be massive.

I’ve not had the benefit of seeing the band live before (one near miss in February) so I’ve not got anything really invested in this. The contents of the record however suggest that they’re operating in a fairly crowded field. At various points you can pick up the likes of Pixies and Ash as reference points as there’s buzzsaw guitars throughout and chunky riffs abound.

Is there enough individuality about the songs to let them stand out from the crowd? I think there is but it’s certainly not a distinctly Scottish take on this sort of material.  In truth there’s not much about this record that betrays its Caledonian origins – some of the use of language, certainly, but only ‘Get Bent’ perhaps catches a vaguely folky vibe.

Ultimately though PAWS aren’t my new favourite band or anything but ‘Cokefloat’ is certainly enjoyable fuzzed up punk pop fun.