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A quick mention for a couple of albums by female artists that I’ve been listening to recently.

I got ‘Cyrk’ by Kate le Bon as far back as my trip to Leeds in June. Her quirky pop is lent a slightly gothic tone by the Nico-like vocals and whilst it’s never a record that I’ve ever felt compelled to play back to back, when I’ve been looking for a CD in the car it’s tended to jump to the top of the pile. And is proving persistent in its staying power.

A more recent acquisition, but one likely to hang around just as long, is the new LP ‘ Traces’ from Karine Polwart. After enjoying her involvement in the Burns Unit I wasn’t overly struck by her last LP ‘This Earthly Spell’ but I’m enjoying ‘Traces’ a lot.

It’s a record that definitely owes more to folk than anything else with melody and atmosphere dominant to the exclusion of any sort of rock dynamics. But it’s a lovely, affecting record with a shocking conclusion that will probably send me back to re-evaluate the last one as well.

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