Impossible really to sum up all the emotions surrounding yesterday’s A Brighter Beat in Cupar.

I had six of my favourite bands in the one room, five of them played awesome sets (in the case of Cancel The Astronauts, probably the best I’ve seen them play).

But the conflicting emotions arise because Sam Barber & The Outcasts’  performance was marred by a series of technical problems. I can’t ever remember seeing anything like it before and I’m still gutted for them particularly because Sam and Will were so supportive of the show in advance.

Despite the problems, the audience still gave them a good reception and I look forward to seeing them again on a less fraught occasion in the future.

Otherwise I have a long list of people to thank:

Firstly, the acts themselves, Kid Canaveral, Cancel The Astronauts, TV21, the Bad Books, Sam Barber & The Outcasts and Martin John Henry – they all played for expenses and were every bit as good as they could have been.

Secondly I’m grateful to Kev, Mark and Kinnell for coming on board and providing the PA and the tech assistance fairly late in the day.

On that side of things I’m grateful too to Chris and his Cancel The Astronauts bandmates for providing a lot of the gear used throughout the show. I don’t think the show would have happened without Chris’s input.

I’m grateful to Watt’s too for allowing us to put the show on and to my family for living with a stressing husband/father for the last few weeks.

Almost finally I’m also grateful to those who made it all worthwhile by turning out for the show. The audience may have been smaller than I had hoped for but the reception they gave all the acts was amazing. And the mini-moshpit will probably live longest in my memory. Good job, kids!

One final, crucial thing. THE most important thing, in fact.

My head isn’t in any real shape to do numbers tonight but I think it looks like we’ve raised in the region of £400 for Kingdom Kids. Everyone named above contributed to that. Thanks.

The bands performing during the day:

Martin John Henry

Sam Barber & the Outcasts

The Bad Books


Cancel The Astronauts

Kid Canaveral

More photos from the show.