A lot to catch up on now that A Brighter Beat is over but, if you missed the show, then I’m going to give you pointers where you might see our wonderful acts over the next couple of days.

First up, headliners Kid Canaveral. For the past two years they’ve organised their own Christmas show, Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles and the third instalment isn’t too far away as it will take place on Saturday 22nd December at the Caves in Edinburgh.

The end of year show seems to be growing in ambition year on year so, as an addendum to the recent MPT Kid C interview, I asked David MacGregor about Baubles III.

“This year we have another amazing line-up. We’re having mainly music, but also some comedy again. So far we can tell you that we’ll be having Malcolm Middleton, Meursault, Randolph’s Leap, Josie Long, Eleanor Morton, Elaine Malcolmson and RM Hubbert playing. There’s another couple that we’re keeping under our hats, just now.”

This year’s venue is the third different location the band have chosen and the success of the previous years’ shows had created  one essential criteria for a new venue.

“Somewhere bigger. The demand for tickets well outstripped the official fire capacity, so we needed somewhere with more room. Also, we had to run our own bar last year and that added a whole other dimension of organisation to it.”

The show may be in December but the band have effectively been working on putting it together all year, as David explains:

“We started planning it at the end of January. We booked the venue at the start of March, and started booking the acts then, too.

“It’s our Christmas party, and want it to stay feeling like a relaxed end of year blow-out, so Kate and me are the ‘crack team’ behind it. Rose and Scott tell us if we’re doing something obscenely stupid and also do the ‘running about like dafties’ bit on the day.

“The poster for this and last year’s events have been done by Hardsparrow, and Michael Craig from Cancel the Astronauts was a bloody legend last year setting up the licence for the bar. We had some great bar and door staff last year, too.”

Yet again then, the Baubles look like it’s going to be THE Scottish music event of the festive period. Tickets can be purchased here but don’t dally – they’re going quickly. Expect more announcements to complete the line-up in the next couple of days.

Prior to the Baubles, there’s a Kid Canaveral DJ set at the belated Cancel The Astronauts LP launch at the Electric Circus on Friday 30th November whilst David will be playing solo sets at the Chapter Arts Centre on 15th December and Bloomsbury Theatre, London on the 16th and 17th.