Ridiculously, A Brighter Beat wasn’t the only show I was involved in last weekend, because Andy and I also put on Meursault at Beat Generator Live on Friday evening.

It seesm a long time ago now but in general it was the most successful show we’ve put on despite the fact that it clashed with the Mirror Trap’s EP launch. There was still a good turnout  at undoubtedly the busiest show we’ve organised.

Blood Indians were a late addition to the bill on the strength of Andy having seen them open a recent Vladimir show. Whilst clearly a band in the early stages of development, it was easy to see that there’s something there. The quieter fragile tunes had a haunting atmosphere whilst the noisier closer suggested the direction that they’re apparently keen to take with new material.

I’ve now seen Man Without Machines three times and I enjoy them more each time. So last Friday was the best so far. New Order are certainly an obvious reference point for their high energy electro pop but there’s also perhaps a little early OMD going on in there too. The LP should finally see the light of day in the New Year – something to look forward to.

Meursault were stripped back to a four piece but still managed to do the songs from ‘Something for the Weakened’ justice. The more I see them, the more a Meursault set appears to be an exercise in control from the hushed sections to the rock explosions (and there seems to be more of these than previously). A great band without a doubt.