I’m On The TV In HD – Wonder Villains single

I’m kind of in the mood for some pop music tonight – fluorescent day-glo pop to be precise.

This has been out for a couple of weeks but for obvious reasons I’m only getting round to it now.

The Wonder Villains only came to my attention due to the excellent No Dancing sampler put up a couple of months back. Their track, ‘Ferrari’ was probably the pick of the bunch (other than maybe the new Desert Hearts track).

So the news that the Wonder Villains have a new 4 track EP out now was welcome indeed. Lead track ‘TV’ is another slice of zesty, hook laded burst of electro pop. If I’m looking for a comparator it would be another Northern Irish band, the late lamented ‘Oppenheimer’.

Second track ‘Chiller Whale’ follows a similar energetic route whilst closing track ‘Explode’ contrary to its title is something of a departure  as it’s the band’s first released slow song.

The only track that doesn’t work for me is the mid-paced ‘Rapid’ which sits uncomfortably between the two extremes of the EP without managing to assimilate the qualities that make the other three tracks so successful.

The E.P. is only available digitally. Here’s the video for the lead track.