A Brighter Bear – digital bear E.P.

I’ve been typing that heading, mistakenly, for weeks now so it feels good to just put it out there. And not inappropriately either as I’m writing about ‘To The Good Old Days’ by digital bear.

Digital bear is Raindeer MacFarlane of Mitchell Museum and, er, Behold The Old Bear. But ‘To The Good Old Days’, according to Raindeer,  “should not be taken as anything to do with a band called Behold, the Old Bear. Though there are some similarities, both are completely different.”

Right. Actually it DOES kind of remind me of the one BTOB performance I’ve seen so far, so there are similarities are on offer. But it was a wee while ago so I’ve got to take Raindeer at his word.

So the question really is whether or not ‘To The Good Old Days’ is any good. And you know what? I think it is.

Six songs, almost all around the three minute mark or less, ‘TTGOD’ is strongly influenced by American indie (I’m definitely hearing a lot of Wheat when they were good and, yes, a bit of the Flaming Lips) but that’s certainly not going to cost anyone brownie points around here.

Good tunes, nice guitars and some decent energy, I’d definitely recommend that you check it out. And since TTGOD is also one of those ‘name your price’ releases (for which Raindeer emphatically recommends free) then what are you waiting for?

Oh,if Behold, The Old Bear is better than this, then we can look forward to the debut LP (likely to be out on Gargleblast in the New Year) with some anticipation.

The lead track: