Six months ago Cammy from Mitchell Museum concluded an interview with MPT with the phrase “We want to be a serious band.” At which point the rest of the band burst out laughing.

Which led me to think that they may just be slightly ambiguous about ditching the self styled title of “multi-coloured clowns.”

The first material therefore from all-new-mature-Mitchell-Museum has been eagerly anticipated in these parts not least because that night in Dundee they unveiled half a dozen completely new (and excellent) songs.

So does ‘The Spanner Works’ E.P., released this week, demonstrate that suggested Mitchell Museum sad side? Perhaps surprisingly, more often than not.

There’s still some characteristics of the Mitchell Museum of old – particularly the rowdy backing vocals on ‘Red Water’ the explosive percussion on ‘Reo’ and ‘Agnostic’, and the blur of lyrics on the chorus of ‘Agnostic’.

But overall there’s a calmness about the four songs here which hasn’t been heard that often before which is especially true on ‘A Terrible Business’.

And yet it’s still clearly Mitchell Museum. The simplicity to the melodies remains present and correct whilst, for all the calm, there’s still a sense of paddling below the waterline. That’s undoubtedly a good thing.

‘The Spanner Works’ E.P. is available from the band’s Bandcamp page on a name your price basis.

The lead track from the E.P.: