Can’t seem to track down a full copy of the new King Post Kitsch EP to listen to to do a proper review but I’m quite prepared to work on the basis of the track available as a free download.

KPK were one of last year’s nice surprises – a cracking EP followed by an equally good album, which showed a slightly different side to the band.

With the last LP only 18 months old, it seems quite nippy for new material to be releaseed so quickly. But let’s atke it. And if taster track ‘Repulsive Sunsets’ is anything to go by then the ‘Repulsive Sunsets’ EP marks a return to the full out garage onslaught of the ‘Honeytone’ EP as the song lasts barely 102 seconds.

All of which would be exciting enough but the long mooted live debut of KPK is also about to happen. This will take place next Friday (7th December) at the Song, By Toad Christmas Party (and doesn’t Christmas seem to get earlier each year?) at Summerhall in Edinburgh. And the first 50 people through the door will receive a free copy of the EP.

If you can’t make it along on Friday then you can get the E.P. here on the rather quaint CD format.

And here’s the song: