This review’s going to be 6 months too late, but I still think it’s worth flagging up the ‘Older Motion Pictures’ E.P. by Letters.

A wee reminder-  I was persuaded to buy the the band’s performance supporting Cancel the Astronauts on Friday. And as noted, in the live review,  I didn’t find the band the easiest to get a handle on and enthusiastically regarded that as a good thing. Yet the set didn’t work 100% of the time for me.

Pleased to say therefore that I AM  totally convinced by ‘Older Motion Pictures’. Perhaps surprisingly it’s a far more cohesive set of tunes than I expected. There’s an epic quality to the four tracks without ever becoming overbearing.

The influences I referenced in the live review are still present, a hint of dEUS certainly but particularly of Babygod. But listening to the four songs, there’s another name that jumps out that I missed on Friday –  Hope of the States.

So much so that instrumental opener ‘Explosions’ could easily have been plucked off the HoTS debut LP ‘The Lost Riots’, with its expansive strings and kinetic energy. Given that the previous single title, ‘The Halfway House’ also references a HoTS lyric, I think I’m fairly safe in identifying the influence.

Which is great, because I loved HoTS. Yet the other three songs with vocals prove that Letters are no copyists and have their own character. The title track (which to be honest I wasn’t 100% convinced by live) is a grand cinematic tune with booming drums, understated fuzz guitar chords and a haunting cello.

Third song ‘Torren’ may be my favourite track on the E.P. whilst closing track ‘From Time To Time’ maintains the high standard.

So, if like me, you’d missed out on Letters, then remedy that immediately by getting the E.P. The previous singles are available too as free downloads.