Graeme, bad Books

We Are The Physics / Snide Rhythms / The Bad Books – Limbo Live – The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh – 7th December 2012

The Bad Books have been swimming against the tide. In an era when bands seem obsessed with putting even rough demos on the internet, they’ve steadfastly refused to do so. So, with no official releases yet ,other than a couple of bootleg tracks and a couple of unrepresentative acoustic tracks, the only way to hear these songs is to go and see them played live.

Which explains this writer’s frequent trips to see them to do just that this year. And yeah, they might just be my favourite band of 2012. But I’ll get back to you on that later.

In the meantime last night’s show was perhaps a bit noisier than usual with Michael’s guitar all over the sound, although never to the detriment of the rest of the musicians. The opposite really, it just lifted the whole thing.

And somehow they managed to fit their 40 minutes set into their half hour slot but then I’d have felt short changed had they left anything out.

Simply glorious. That first record can’t come quickly enough.

The Bad Books played:

1. Summer of Lunches  2. Seedlings  3. Everyone’s Going To Be OK (Except For You)  4. A Rough Wooing  5. Year of the Cat  6. BOP  7. Victory Lap

It’s funny but I’ve rarely been disappointed by multi-band bills in the last few years. I suppose statistically it had to happen though at some point and, as luck would have it, last night was the night.

Second on were Snide Rhythms. Not my thing and seeing them after the Bad Books pretty much meant that they never stood a chance.

We Are The Physics

I wasn’t hugely impressed by zany, cartoon punks We Are The Physics either. A hyperactive blend of the Dickies and Devo, they were tight and certainly put on a show. But half an hour of battering away was enough for us.

Adding photos here over the weekend.