Behold, The Old Bear

You may recall that last year, I asked some of the musicians featured on the blog in 2011 to look back on … 2011. And it was so popular, I thought I’d do it again this year.

So, to kick off 2012’s series of musings, I turned to Raindeer Macfarlane, Behold, The Old Bear head honcho and Mitchell Museum drummer. Here’s what he had to say.

Your Music

Your own musical highlight of the year?

Probably playing the first BTOB gig back in January, I sometimes thought it would never ever happen EVER!

Favourite performance of the year?

My favorite gig we played was at Kelburn Garden Party. We were all just having so much fun, even though we were cursed with technological issues, but we were also pretty merry. It was a most excellent time

What’s the one thing that went wrong in 2012 you’d like to fix?

Well, we had originally planned that we would have had both a single and album released this year, but due to time restraints we released neither. We actually made a video for the first single between August and September. It is great, I love it. It has a cupboard in it.

What you gonna be doing next year?

What are YOU gonna be doing next year? Hopefully next year will feature a few more BTOB gigs, a lot more preferably. I have been finding that a bit difficult to arrange so far, so we shall see. It would be cool to play a few more festivals too. Maybe when the album is released that will help…..maybe not…..maybe everyone will hate it! Depending on how things pan out there I might need to quit music, become a….full time human.

Others’ Music

3 songs or LPs you’ve listened to the most in 2012?

Are they supposed to be recent up to date and down with the kids? I don’t know, hmmmm

3 songs: Age Of Adz by Sufjan Stevens,  Check Fraud (Non Album Version ) by FOG, and Nobody Home by Pink Floyd. I probably litsen to that song every single day. just about.

Albums: The Wall by Pink Floyd, 10th Avenue Freakout by FOG and More Deep Cuts by Thee More Shallows.

Best gig attended?

Best gig was Randy Newman at the Royal Concert Hall. He is a very funny man, and also quite good at being an excellent songwriter.

Biggest surprise of 2012?

Seeing a really excellent free comedian in The City Cafe during The Fringe called John Hastings by accident. He was brilliant.

Biggest letdown of 2012?

The David Byrne and St Vincent album. I was really excited about it as I love the both of them, like crazy lots. It was just…….Blah! It was just fine.

Anything and everything

Event of 2012

The Sonica Sound/Music/Art Festival thing. There was an exhibit in the CCA called Extended Play by Janek Schaefer. It was really cool. I could have stayed in that exhibit happily for many many hours.

Lowpoint of 2012

Nope, Can’t think of one that anyone would be interested in.

Hero of 2012


Villain of 2012

I think there is probably one pretty obvious one. A certain former radio DJ and TV presenter comes to mind. If there was to be a villain then it must be him. No, wait! Justin Lee Collins!

Favourite place of 2012

Kelvingrove Park

Favourite book of 2012

I have not read a book from 2012, that is not to say I have not read books, I have, just not from 2012.

Favourite film of 2012

The Master.

Something to look forward to in 2013?

The Summer, I cannot wait for the Summer!

Behold, The Old Bear play the Gargleblast Christmas Party at the 13th Note in Glasgow on Wednesday 19th December alongside Martin John Henry and Pan. The Behold, The Old Bear debut single and LP should see the light of day on Garlgeblast next year.

In the meantime, though it sounds nothing like Behold, The Old Bear, you can download for free the Digital Bear ‘To The Old Days’ E.P. here.