I’ve been wanting to get The Won Over to play at The Cool Cat Club ever since I saw their debut gig a good few months back in a crowded Drouthy’s basement, followed by an equally brilliant performance at Dukes Corner supporting Man Without Machines (writes Andy Wood). Sadly, they had to pull out of the Meursault gig due to unforeseen circumstances but now they are back and ready to wow you all with their melodic sound that is equal parts grit and honey. Just don’t expect any Christmas covers this year. Michael Lambert tackled the questions solo for us.

What does Christmas mean to you?


How will you be spending Christmas this year?

Unwrapping presents. Eating food. Getting bossed around by my nephew.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Low’s ‘Just Like Christmas’.

And the worst?

I worked in retail for a number of Christmases, there’s a lot of terrible Christmas music. Ex-members of the Beatles are particularly guilty.

What makes a great Christmas song? Have you ever considered writing one?


I’ve never tried, though it looks like it would be a foolproof way to get rich. A previous band of mine covered ‘Last Christmas’ live, I wanted to record a Christmas EP but no-one would agree to it after that.

What is the best Christmas gift you have ever received?

Various bits of musical equipment.

And the strangest or worst?

I’m afraid I can’t think of anything.

Do you prefer Christmas or Hogmanay?

Christmas (presents).

Do you make New Years resolutions?


Do you have a festive message for anyone reading this?

Merry Christmas.

The Cool Cat Club’s Christmas bash is this Friday and is being promoted in cahoots with Monster-A-Go-Go. Three bands, -The Won Over, an expanded Hookers For Jesus line-up and the Blood Indians are playing alongside the Monster-A-Gogo Burlesque Dancers. The Christmas soundtrack will be provided by the Psychotic Reactions DJs (including Duncan).