It may be mid-way through December but there are still new records to be purchased – not least the new split single from Kid Canaveral and the Pictish Trail released on Monday on Fence.

‘Low Winter Sun’ is the Canaveral’s first release since a similar venture with King Creosote last autumn and anyone who’s seen the band this year would doubtless have had the song marked down as the first single from 2nd LP.

It may be a notch below being described as relentless but there’s something about the guitar riff which runs through the single and drives the tune on, whilst nicely complementing a far more laid back vocal.

It definitely sounds like Kid C, but it’s a little different from what has gone before and augurs well for sophamore LP ‘Now That You Are A Dancer’ which will be released on Fence in March.

The other half of the 7” is given over to joint label boss The Pictish Trail. Now, this may be heresy in certain quarters, but whilst I’ve enjoyed Johnny Lynch’s performances the couple of times I’ve seen him, I’ve never felt compelled to go and buy the records.

‘The Handstand Crowd’ may change that. After the spacey ‘Michael Rocket’, THC is an affecting 5 minutes which more than anything gives off something of a Motown vibe. It’s an endearing piece thanks to Pictish’s falsetto vocals and some well timed accordion.

‘Low Winter Sun’/’The Handstand Crowd’ is released on Fence on Monday 17th.

Both acts will be touring extensively in the New Year. Kid C will kick-off with two special LP launches in Glasgow and London before embarking on a longer jaunt in support of the LP’s formal release on 3rd March. The Glasgow show takes place in the Glad Café, Glasgow on Friday 1st with tickets available here.

Pictish meanwhile has a number of dates already set for the New Year in support of his second LP ‘Secret Soundz Vol  2’ with Fence labelmates eagleowl in tow. More details here.