I enjoy Man Without Machines more and more every time I see them. So you can imagine how much I’m going to enjoy them when they finally get the debut LP out into the wild next year. Main man Adam Lockhart is the latest musician to complete the MPT 2012 Inquisition.

Your Music

Your own musical highlight of the year?

Releasing the debut single ‘Something’s Happening Here’.

Favourite performance of the year?

I would say probably playing with Django Django, we hadn’t played for a while, it was a big responsive audience and it was good to see them all again.

What’s the one thing that went wrong in 2012 you’d like to fix?

Not playing enough shows.

What you gonna be doing next year?

Well the album is out in the first week of March, preceded the week before by the opening track from it called ‘Even Still Even Though’ as a single. We’ll be doing a few gigs around then when it comes out. Another couple of videos will be coming too.

Others’ Music

3 songs or LPs you’ve listened to the most in 2012?

The Field ‘Looping State of Mind’, Django Django, The Shins ‘Port of Morrow’. I could go on but I’m only allowed 3.

Biggest surprise of 2012?

The success of Ed Sheeran, I just don’t get it.

Biggest letdown of 2012?

Although there’s been a lot of good stuff coming out this year, the vast majority has been a bit ‘safe’ and mediocre which was a bit disappointing.

Anything and everything

Event of 2012

David Hall, 1001 TV Sets, Amika P3 Gallery, London. I worked on it, so slightly biased.

Lowpoint of 2012

Deaths of Davy Jones, Donna Summer, Neil Armstrong, Hal David, Andy Williams, Patrick Moore and Dave Brubeck.

Hero of 2012

Barak Obama for keeping out Romney.

Villain of 2012

Now then now then, jingle jangle. What has come out is appalling and it’s a shame. His contribution may have been hammed up a bit but he was still none the less a significant figure in establishing the idea of the DJ.

Favourite place of 2012


Favourite film of 2012

Shut up and Play the Hits & Searching for Sugar Man. Guilty pleasures – Skyfall.

Something to look forward to in 2013?

Hopefully, a better year for music. A lot of gems this year, but as I said before a lot of middle of the road mediocrity.