Yes, still here, if not terribly prolific in the last week.

I’ve been quite enjoying two LPs over the last few days – Rick Redbeard’s ‘Your Selfish Heart’ and Pictish Trail’s ‘Secret Soundz Vol 2’.

To some extent neither is quite my bag but the best tracks on both records are pretty special – on Rick’s LP the likes of ‘Now We’re Dancing’ and ‘We All Float’ whilst I’ve particularly been enjoying the two singles ‘Michael Rocket’ and ‘The Handstand Crowd’ from teh Pictish record whilst some of the electronica is nice too.

Have also managed to listen once to Fuzzy Lights ‘Rule of Twelfths’, not officially out until Monday, and initially it perhaps sounds a little gentler than ‘Twin Feathers’. More listening needed! (Get it here).

Monday brings the new Frightened Rabbit LP ‘Pedestrian Verse’ and it seems to have quite a buzz about it. Must be the only blogger not to have heard it yet, but I’d freely confess that the last disappointing LP muted my anticipation for this one somewhat. But will try and get a hold of it without resorting to tax dodging A****n.

Monday also see the debut single from Behold, The Old Bear, a joyous little scuz pop number called ‘Best Enemy’. It’s really great and you should get a hold of it here.