Kid Canaveral / Book Group – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow – Saturday 2nd March 2013

Last night’s saw the second Glasgow album launch for Kid Canaveral’s ‘Now That You Are A Dancer’ and that took me to a fairly new Glasgow venue for the first time – the Glad Cafe.

First impressions are positive. Certainly it’s slightly smaller than I expected but the venue has a good layout – stage in a corner with the bar located at the entrance. But, and it’s quite a big but, its location in a residential area means that there’s a noise limit in place – with unfortunate consequences for openers Book Group.

With just the vocals and keyboards through the PA the effect is that it sounds as if they’re  just playing politely in a corner. As a result the sparks they usually ignite are largely absent and I’ve never seen them play before to an audience that’s not fully involved in the set.

The end result is that, for once, it’s OK rather than brilliant. But even in less than ideal circumstances new tune ‘A Low Down of a Loud Sound’ (presumably the ‘hummable by your granny’ one rather than the brooding monster) sounds like a worthy addition to the songbook.


Book Group played:

1. BOP  2. Seedlings  3. A Rough Wooing  4. A Low Down of a Loud Sound  5. Year of the Cat  6. Victory Lap

Fortunately the Canaverals don’t suffer in the same way. The material lends itself very much to a celebration of the new record and that’s what we end up with. The tunes played are split between NTYAAD and the ‘hits’, leaning very much in favour of the former.

There’s nothing to fault at all in a typically boisterous performance and even the little mishaps are turned to their advantage because the rapport between band and audience is so good.

Funnily enough it’s the three lesser aired tracks from the new record near the end of the show which are amongst my particular highlights. ‘What We Don’t Talk About’ is the one song that I’d heard before but didn’t really recognise when I first heard the album but in person it’s much more energetic and upbeat than on record.

As you may know, Kid C aren’t big on encores so they DO play everything you think might be an encore in the main set. Instead they create a pseudo-encore and in the process two more highlights.

First, after ‘Low Winter Sun’ Kate, birthday girl Rose and Scott leave the stage to David for a solo rendition of ‘So Sad, So Young’. The stripped back version suits the song perfectly and is one of the evening’s stand-outs.

After the hushed, comes the fierce. The rest of the band return for ‘A Compromise’ which is dialled back a bit form the ear shredding Baubles rendition. Whilst the guitars squall away though it’s Rose’s pulsing bass which is the heart of the song.

Kid Canaveral played:

1. Breaking Up Is The New Getting Married  2. Who Would Want To Be Loved?  3. Good Morning  4. Without A Backing Track  5. Her Hair Hangs Down  6. The Wrench  7. Who’s Looking At You, Anyway?  8. Left and Right  9. Smash Hits  10. Couldn’t Dance  11. You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night  12. What We Don’t Talk About  13. And Another Thing!!  14. Low Winter Sun  15. So Sad, So Young  16. A Compromise

‘Now That You Are A Dancer’ is officially released tomorrow (4th March) on Fence Records. More info.

Kid Canaveral’s next Scottish date is at the Cool Cat Club, Beat Generator Live in Dundee on Saturday 16th March with support from Man Without Machines, Randolph’s Leap and Luna Webster. More details here, tickets here.