Shout out for a Fife band I first came across at Autumn Harvest in Cupar.

Burn The Maps are probably the sort of modern rock band than you won’t necessarily find regularly in these pages. In fact, they’re the sort of band you might expect me to think “will struggle to be heard in a crowded market”. Except unlike many bands I’ve seen in the last few years, I know EXACTLY why BTM have a got a shot at it. And a pretty good one at that.

I compared bits of the live show to Frightened Rabbit but, to be fair, it’s not really a vibe you’ll get so much off the EP which is heavier and more direct. But Burn The Maps share one priceless quality with FRabbit – the knack of writing interesting and inventive melodies. Ally that to their ability to rock like bastards and you’ve got a potentially winning combination.

That’s on display on their debut studio release, the ‘Bend. Break. Twist. Shake.’ E.P. released at the start of the week. The two tracks that showcase their sound best are lead track ‘Lose Yourself’ and the epic closer ‘Down On Your Luck’. ‘Timelines’ meanwhile reminds me a lot of the much missed Babygod retaining an ambitious scope but more measured than the other tracks on the E.P..

So far the one track that’s not stuck out for me, for whatever reason, is third track ‘Restart’. But the EP as a whole is well worth investigating on a ‘name your own price’ deal from their Bandcamp, not least because there’s a cheeky wee secret acoustic track included as well.

And whilst you’re there, you can see another, more reflective, side to the band as there’s a free 5 track acoustic EP which includes alternate versions of ‘Lose Yourself’ and ‘Timelines’. The former in particular is quite stunning.