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The mystery act on the bill for the Hookers for Jesus E.P. launch at the Cool Cat Club on Saturday are very much Et Tu Brute??? from Edinburgh. With only one show to their name so far we tried to prise some information from Grant Campbell ahead of the show.

Who are Et Tu Brute???

“Dan Mutch on guitar / vox / programming / choppin’ & recording.

“Andy Brown on bass & cheese grater & vox.

“Alun Thomas on drums and rattles & vox.

“Grant Campbell on yelling.”

What have the band members done previously?

“Alun & Dan are in The Leg, were in Desc. Dan was in Khaya before.

“Alun & Grant were in Saint Jude’s Infirmary.

“Grant is in Edinburgh School for the Deaf & Naked.  Was in the Young Spooks, Sacred Heart Losers.

“Andy Brown played in Sarah and the Snakes and is a solo artist, all round agent provocateur and famed for his Victorian Karaoke!”

What are your main influences, musical and otherwise?

“I think the process of creation cast us adrift from our usual influences.  Everything started with programmed tracks with the drums as the arrow head and with everything else following behind.  To my ears it sounds like 80’s industrial in the low, Serbian Turbo Folk in the mids and Afro Beat in the high freqs.  All genres none of us have really explored before. “

 How did the band come about and what have you done to date?

“We bumped into each other at the Art School Revel and decided we should do the band that we had spoken about for so long!”

 What are your plans for recordings?

“Dan has a home studio in Gorgie and we’ve been meeting up every Thursday evening cloaked in secrecy and drinking cans for about a year and have nearly completed the album.   It’s been like a musical illicit affair and the album is our love child.”

What can the Dundee audience expect from you?

“A degree of bass mastery that has been absent in any other project that I’d been previously involved in!”

What’s been your favourite gig to date?

“We’ve only played one gig.  A cellar gig with an American hard-core band.  It was as good fun as it sounds.”

What would be your ideal gig?

“Somewhere in my youth and upon a yacht.”

What have you got planned in the coming months?

“We aim to finish the album and play out more.”

Why do you keep joining new bands?

“Because I am a tragic Peter Pan figure that refuses to grow up and as such is to be pitied.”

Hookers for Jesus launch their ‘Hymns for Beautiful Losers” E.P. this Saturday at the Cool Cat Club at Beat Generator Live in Dundee. Admission is £4, doors at 8.00 p.m. Support comes from Et Tu Brute???, Playground Tactics, Behold The Old Bear, and The Alleys.