When the Vinyl Villain first announced that he was promoting a show, I told him it was a bad idea. Understandably, since he was already committed to the Butcher Boy show,  he ignored my advice and did it anyway. And, of course, went through the first-time-promoter rite of passage by declaring that he would NEVER do it again.

Despite that vow (and my previous advice) Jim is now pursuing that second rite of passage of the first-time-promoter – yep, he’s doing it again.

The gig in question is happening this Saturday (13th April) at Stereo in Glasgow and features another of his current favourites Father Sculptor and the launch of their debut E.P. ‘Faith & Violence’.

I’ve said this before, but I was a bit disappointed when Jim chose to focus more on old stuff on TVV rather than the mix he pursued for the blog’s first few years. But every now and again he does talk about new stuff and it’s easy to understand why Father Sculptor are such big favourites. They manage to pull off the trick of reminding me of a lot of the stuff that Jim champions without ever sounding like copyists.

The bill also features Plastic Animals and Secret Motorbikes and advance tickets for the show at £4 are available here. It’s £5 on the door.

If you haven’t heard Father Sculptor before, here’s the video for ‘Lowlands’ the lead track off the E.P.