Conquering Panda Sound – Panda Su live


Panda Su / Lewis Fieldhouse – Clark’s, Dundee – 25th April 2013

First gig of a busy weekend last night to see Panda Su for the first time in ages.

In fact, checking back, it’s been over two years since I last saw Su and Adam perform but even allowing for that, I wasn’t even slightly prepared for the overhaul that they’ve given the live show.

Whilst both the E.P.s have had an element of electronica, I’d not seen that translated into the live show before. But last night the electronics were the dominant element. And, in another surprise, Su preferred an electric guitar over the trusty acoustic for much of the set. In fact the conclusion of one song came very close to rocking out.

The set therefore had an entirely different feel to past shows even to the extent that there was no guarantee that the familiar songs would sound, well, familiar. ‘Alphabet Song’, might well  be ‘the hit’ after being included in a Jennifer Lawrence movie, yet last night’s electronics heavy version dismantled and rebuilt the original to such an  extent that the chorus was omitted.

The consequence of this new approach was undoubtedly a greater depth and variety to the set. Yet, not content with a new approach, at least half the set was new material. Taken to together this all adds up to a bold statement of intent, yet for all the changes the show retained one crucial element from the past – it was undeniably a resounding success.

Here’s a video of a live performance of the excellent new single ‘Maps’ (out on Monday 29th):


Lewis Fieldhouse had opened the show with a short acoustic set. The first instrumental tune suggested an interest in RM Hubbert but the remainder of the set was standard singer/songwriter fare. Fieldhouse though held the attention with his personable stage manner and good songs and really seemed to relish the audience interaction.