Curators / Cancel The Astronauts – The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh – 4th May 2013

In terms of lives shows Cancel the Astronauts have been living up to their name of late. Almost every second show seems to have been cancelled since the release of debut LP ‘Animal Love Match’ in the autumn so we weren’t 100% confident that they’d make it to the start line for last night’s Curators LP launch at the Wee Red Bar.

It was really only arriving at 7 on the dot, allowing us to hear the end of their soundcheck from outside, which allayed any fears of another disaster.

There may however have been an element of transference of bad luck as opening act the Marionettes had to pull out at the last minute reducing the bill to just the two bands.

In many ways it was a fairly old school CTA set, still largely based on the album but with a couple of EP tracks thrown in to mix things up.

The nine song set though was a timely reminder of how many good songs they have and also just how accessible the tunes are. ‘While You Were Sleeping’ is still the real killer tune and its forthcoming release as a single will hopefully remind people of the album’s existence.


But it’s in very good company with the likes of ‘Intervention’and ‘I Sold My Soul’. And another indicator of the quality of their songs is what they didn’t play – ‘Making Dynamite’, ‘Funny Like A Girl’, ‘Lekking’ and ‘I See You’ to name but four were all missing but wouldn’t have weakened the set in anyway.

Cancel The Astronauts did play:

1. Animal Love Match  2. She Said She Loves Somebody Else  3. Country Song  4. Love Backwards  5. Seven Vices  6. Intervention  7. Promises of Strangers  8. While I Was Sleeping  9. I Sold My Soul (This Is What I Got)

I hadn’t really heard anything of Curators before the show and in the end they didn’t do quite enough to convince me I needed the LP ‘The Cold In The Walls’.

Despite that they were an entertaining Modern Rock Band with plenty of decent tunes delivered with a fair degree of enthusiasm.

I ended up enjoying their performance despite the fact that we watched from about half way back. Of course at the Wee Red Bar that means that you don’t really see much of the stage other than the odd head (the only drawback of a really good wee venue). But it didn’t really detract from the show.

Plenty of photos from the show here.