Malcolm Middleton / Seamus Fogarty – The Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy – 8th May 2013

The banner over the main door of the Adam Smith suggested an unusual backing band for the closing night of Malcolm Middleton’s 10 date Spring tour.

Sadly it was an unrelated advert but backing bands were definitely on my mind when Scott and Michael from the last Middleton band were spotted in the foyer. Last time I turned up expecting a solo gig and saw the live band rhythm section in the audience, they were actually playing. Not last night though.

Nope, the Middleton live band have to wait for another day. Instead we got a lengthy 20 song set ostensibly to promote the vinyl reissue of “5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine” as well as air some new tunes.

In practice it turned out to be both a greatest hits set and a greatest sweary set and there seemed to be more songs from ‘A Brighter Beat’ than from “5:14 …”. But almost as many unrecorded tunes again.

Interestingly, I think there were only a couple of new ones (out of seven) that I hadn’t heard at least once before. But it was impressive to hear them all in almost one block.

The song structures are interesting, some very much in the traditional chorus/verse mode but some seemed to lack choruses entirely. And some were very short. Lyrically several seemed to major on being a songwriter with “Proxy Song” (?) absolutely hilarious.

However, it’s impossible to guess how they will turn out with fuller arrangements but at least we can get a fair idea that it seems like a strong batch of songs.

Unlike the 2011 Edinburgh show, there were quite a few of the “hits” to bring the set to a rousing conclusion. And even Malcolm seemed amused when an audience member suggested “passable” to conclude “Devil and the Angel”!

Here’s a stab at the setlist. I could probably find out at least some of the song titles with a little research but let’s take a flier!

1. Ballad of Fuck All  2. Autumn  3.Stay Close Sit Tight  4. Total Belief  5. Week Off  6. Cold Winter  7. Crappo the Clown  8. Devastation  9. Red Travellin’ Socks  10. “Proxy Song”  11. Gone Gone Gone  12. “Walking In The Park”  13. “Living Inside”  14. “Little Hurricane”  15. “Ha Ha”  16. A Brighter Beat  17. Blue Plastic Bags  18. Fuck It I Love You  19. “Just Nod Along”  20. We’re All Going to Die  21. Devil and the Angel


Last night was my first introduction to Seamus Fogarty. What struck me was how similar he is as a guitarist to Malcolm. He can certainly play and switched between more intricate lines and expansive chords to fill the songs.

The songs seemed a bit quirky, never a bad thing, and his set filled an enjoyable 30 minutes.

“5:14 Fluoxytine Seagull Alcohol John Nicotine” is available on deluxe vinyl from all good record shops and directly from Chemikal Underground.

More photos from the show here.