Edinburgh School for the Deaf / Hookers for Jesus / Wozniak – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh – 11th May 2013

So another 3 gigs in 4 days stint was concluded last night at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh. The show marked the return for Edinburgh School for the Deaf to the venue that they’d managed to close down the last time they played there in September!

Given the noise problems that the venue has had previously, I was quite surprised that last night’s show seemed to be the loudest I’d heard there. Certainly both Wozniak and ESFTD had a good shot at seriously damaging my hearing with various bursts of feedback.


First up were Wozniak, an Edinburgh four piece, apparently playing their first show. Mostly instrumental (and even when Sarah did sing it was well down in the mix, a feature of the whole evening truth be told), several sounded a bit like the brooding side of the Cure. But there were also lighter moments, most notably a fairly dancey instrumental with keyboards early on whilst the finale with its driving bass was probably their best tune of the night. Definitely a band worth keeping an eye on in future.

I’m not going to review the Hookers, as I was on their guest list last night, but, factually, it was the same set as the E.P. launch and they did make a few new friends.


Finally perhaps one of the most extreme Edinburgh School for the Deaf sets that I’ve seen. By which I mean that when they were noisy, they were very noisy but when they were quiet, they were hushed.

Despite being headliners they played the shortest set of the night with three songs from the LP and 3 new songs, ‘Orpheus’ providing the link . ‘Orpheus’, in fact, was one of the stand-outs, a thunderous version whilst ‘Christmas’ was as chaotic as ever, even with just the one guitar.

The new songs, again, seem to lean towards the gentler side of the band with the fourth song in particular a thing of fragile beauty.


I’m inclined to think that Alex’s influence on the band is increasing, which seems a slightly daft thing to say since he’s been in the band for a while. But, for whatever reason, last night his contributions seemed to be really significant to their overall sound.

I’m always slightly frightened to say this, because the band tend to contradict me afterwards when I do, but this felt like a really good show. With the unavoidable line-up changes, the band seemed to lose a little momentum, but on last night’s showing they’ve got the material to make up lost ground.

More photos from the show here.