Number One for 17 Weeks on the Tayside Charts – Happy Martyr live


Happy Martyr / Blood Indians / Hookers for Jesus – The Cool Cat Club – Beat Generator Live, Dundee – Saturday 25th May 2013

So – I royally messed up with this one. I was fairly certain that I was never going to be there in time for Luna Webster but somehow I even managed to arrive nearly halfway through Hookers for Jesus’s set. Given that the Hookers were my main reason for going out to play, this was a bit of a fuck-up to say the least.

Rather impressively I didn’t hear them play anything that they had played at either of the E.P. launches but they were still just as good as ever. Despite the fact that they ignored it, the E.P. is available here and well worth your time.


Blood Indians followed and they seemed to have halved in number from the first time that I saw them, being just down to a duo on Saturday. The set was similar to last time, however  I got something of a different vibe this time as they reminded me at times of Panda Su.

The first tune, the darkest on offer, is still my favourite and despite the fact that they have new tunes, disappointingly, they still played their cover of ‘Sweet Dreams’ (not my favourite 80s hit). MPT says stick to your own stuff, girls, the tunes are definitely good enough.


Having heard something of Happy Martyr beforehand, I didn’t have particularly high expectations of the show. Which goes to show how much I know, as they were cracking.

A duo featuring Morrissey’s guitarist Boz Boorer and vocalist Alex Lusty, Happy Martyr were energetic and impressive despite the small audience. The template was simple, sharp lyrics delivered with some panache to Boz’s lively acoustic backing, yet it never got dull despite there being a degree of similarity to the tunes.

They closed the show with a song that we could “sing along to”. Which isn’t the way that I’d describe Madness’s ‘Baggy Trousers’, no matter how well known it is. However it was a tremendously fun way to finish another excellent Cool Cat Club night.

More photos from the show here.


  1. Andy Wood says:

    We didn’t entirely ignore the E.P. as we played ‘On A Night Like This’ and ‘We Are All Broken People Now’ early doors. Sorry about the timing changes, especially as we’d changed the set around just for you 🙂 Well, possibly not. Thanks again for coming down and glad you enjoyed the night.

  2. Heard the end of ‘On A Night Like This’ but missed ‘Broken People’. Chris said you’d played something early on. Should have told Facebook I was coming!

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