Please Don’t Make Me Cry – Adam Stafford live


Adam Stafford

Adam Stafford / Billy Letford / Sonny Carntyne / Robbie Lesiuk – Wiseblood Industries Showcase – Non-Zeros, Dundee – 7th June 2013

So another quality Dundee show and another poor turn-out. Sometimes I despair.

Opening act was Robbie Lesiuk whose solo acoustic performance reminded me a fair bit of Beerjacket. Nice, friendly stage persona too.


Sonny Carntnye

Next up were Sonny Carntyne, whom I’d quite enjoyed the first time I saw them. On Friday though they seemed to have grown as a band and were much stronger. The full band dynamic in particular seemed to have been developed since last time giving them an extra dimension.

There was poetry next with a short set from Billy Letford. I’m in no way a connoisseur of spoken word performances but his material switched from short and sweet to longer and more inventive.


Billy Letford

Talking about invention takes us to the headliner. Adam Stafford has completely changed his set since the last time I saw him to concentrate on material from the upcoming LP ‘Imaginary Walls Collapse’.

If anything it’s a stronger set than last year’s even if the basic elements of voice, guitar and loops are largely the same. But the final number is his most ambitious live performance so far, building up a wall of sound from more than a dozen different vocal loops.

It’s a performance that confirms Stafford as one of Scotland’s unique talents. And almost guarantees that the new LP is going to be another fantastic 2013 record.


Robbie Lesiuk

Finally a word about the venue that used to be Dexter’s. Friday was, shamefully, my first visit since the venue had changed hands and I confess that I hadn’t really expected to find that anything was different.

In fact, new owner Dave has made a significant improvement to the visibility by increasing the height of the stage to the same level as the old lip on which the monitor sat. Additionally it feels like there’s a wider view of the stage all of which is to the good. The end result is to make Dundee’s best small venue, even better.

Photos from the show here.


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