Dream, Dream, Dream – Vladimir E.P.


Not a lot of time this week due to work so hopefully a couple of mini-reviews to tide me over.

First up E.P. 2 by Vladimir the launch for which I went to months ago, yet I’ve not managed to squeeze many listens to the actual record since. So a mention at least is well overdue.

‘E.P. 2’ is a set of mainly up tempo tunes and seems like a step forward for Vlad as the sound is less claustrophobic than on the earlier releases. There’s a definite feel of horizons opening up.

Early Joy Division are perhaps the obvious touchstones this time around although ‘Drenched’ perhaps catches the same sort of lightning as early Interpol did.

Perhaps the only slightly adverse comment is that the E.P. doesn’t capture the full power of these songs live but that’s actually more of a testament to the live show than a criticism of the record. Certainly ‘E.P. 2’ confirms Vladimir the new(-ish) Dundee band to watch.

Here’s probably my favourite track from the record:

The E.P. is available on CD and limited edition cassette.

Upcoming dates

Cellar 35, Aberdeen – 13th July

Tramlines Festival, Sheffield -21st July