What Happens When You Leave Guitars In The Cupboard – TV21 live



Fritz van Helsing Memorial Night 2013 – TV21 / Shock and Awe / Desperation A.M. – Bannerman’s, Edinburgh – 30th June 2013

Last night saw a trip over the bridge to catch a rare live appearance by TV21, as part of the second Fritz van Helsing Memorial Night.

Whilst it was only half an hour long, the set came as close to a Best Of set as half an hour would allow. Opening rather unexpectedly with ‘Tomorrow’, the sound was pretty meaty, with ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Something’s Wrong’ almost bordering on the metallic.

All in all it was a brilliant reminder of some of their great songs but it was also a little rough around the edges with detuend guitars, forgotten lines and a broken guitar string. Well worth the trip though.


Desperation A.M.

Things worked out quite well in that I also managed to catch another two bands. With the show running late Desperation A.M. should have been finished by the time I arrived but instead I saw their whole set. A rock band, who got edgier the longer the set progressed, I quite enjoyed them and they were certainly better than somne younger bands I’ve seen in the last 12 months.


Shock and Awe

Having missed them at last year’s event, it was good to catch up with Shock and Awe again. Their set was terrific fun enlivened by a couple of guest appearances and most of the band going walkabout during the last tune.

I’ve got loads more photos (and a video) to sort out from the show, but it may be a wee while before I get round to them.