She’s Got Every Suitor’s Attention – Lomond Campbell E.P.

LOMOND Press Shot 2s

The first releases in some time from the FOUND Collective are due later this month – but despite the fact that it’s over 2 years since the release of ‘factorycraft’, they’re not FOUND releases.

Instead 19th July will see the release of two separate E.P.s by Ziggy and  Kev from the band in their solo guises as Lomond Campbell and River of Slime respectively.

The good news is that the Lomond Campbell E.P. ‘Only A City Apart’ does a good job of filling that FOUND shaped hole.(I haven’t heard the Slime E.P. yet)

After the Lomond Campbell performance which opened the #UNRAVEL live show last August, I was expecting a singer/songwriter vibe on the E.P. And that may be a part of the story, but it’s only a small part.

For a start there are a couple of instrumentals to bookend the E.P. – the opening ‘Push To Make’ mixes the New Romantic glamour of Visage with a touch of the Cure and some interesting percussion. The longer ‘Hit The Kiss Button’ works with similar tools but starts off with a ridiculously catchy Europop synth melody before mutating into something a lot moodier.

Both ‘Another Chancer’ and ‘Yesterday’s You & Me’ probably stray closest to FOUND territory but it’s the eclectic FOUND of the first couple of albums rather than the guitar driven indie pop of ‘factorycraft’. Both boast glorious melodies with the latter the more adventurous in terms of song structure as well as featuring the Pictish Trail on vocals.

Of the remaining two tracks, ‘How To Appear Attentive’ is a short vignette, brooding, sinister and sparse.  ‘It’s Too Late to be Right’ meanwhile is more percussive, marrying synth backings which are both outright menacing and melancholic.

I confess that I’d love to hear new FOUND material proper but ‘Only A City Apart’ is more than good enough to tide me over for the meantime. And on the basis of the previous River of Slime records, I’d be surprised if that new E.P. isn’t just as good.

Both E.P.s are released on 12” vinyl on Chemikal Underground on 19th July. There’s a special launch show at a secret house location in Edinburgh on Saturday the 20th when copies of both E.P.s will be given away for free. For details of the show and to reserve a place email:

Remaining copies of the E.P. will be put on sale via the Chemikal and Fence websites after the show.

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