The Beat Goes On – James King and the Lonewolves live


James King and the Lonewolves’ Summertime Blues – James King and the Lonewolves / Wot.D.Funk / The Debris Rose – Stereo, Glasgow – Friday 19th July

Rock musicians rarely lack in confidence. But backing up the talk takes more than confidence. James King has been certainly talking up the return of the Lonewolves and this is no mere bravado. Simply put, the Lonewolves are back and you need to them  in your rock’n’roll life.

The Lonewolves comeback gig in May was certainly good but Friday night at Stereo blew it away – it was just on a different level. Whereas last time, the show had peaks and troughs in terms of intensity, right from the off on Friday the Lonewolves nailed it and the thirteen songs were delivered with a ferocity to match the Lonewolves in their 80’s prime.

It was genuinely one of those sets from which it’s impossible to pick highlights with songwriting and performance colliding for maximum impact. The songs that had stood out last time, such as ‘Texas Lullaby’ and ‘Fun Patrol’, were just as good this time around but the difference was that everything else was elevated to the same level.

Content wise there was only one addition to the set, but it was a significant one. ‘While I Can’ (another new one?) set a high bar for the rest of the evening which the band were more happy to maintain throughout. Otherwise the structure of the set was fairly similar although ‘Fun Patrol’ was placed as the finale. And showing the band’s increasing confidence it was an extended version complete with a mini glam rock tribute.

They may be veterans but James King and the Lonewolves are as vital as any act you’ll find in Scotland at the moment. Seek out the E.P. and future live shows.


In terms of the rest of the bill, I managed to miss the opening act as I didn’t know that there was a fourth band. But I enjoyed the eclectic set that the Debris Rose played, ranging from rock (not that dissimilar to the headliners) to a couple of looser, funkier grooves.


I didn’t enjoy Wot.D.Funk as much although to be honest more than I’d expected from the name. A couple of young lads, with Kenny Hyslop drumming, in theory, their rap with guitar should appeal to me more than it did on the night. But certainly they got a great reception from an energetic, younger section of the crowd.

Photos from the Lonewolves set here. Thanks to Murray Ramone for the loan of a memory card to allow me to take proper photos!

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